Horses Leaving the Barn

Watercolor on paper


Signed and dated lower left corner

Elmer Holmes Bobst (1884–1978) was an American businessman and philanthropist who worked in the pharmaceutical industry. His wife, Mamdouha, was also well known philanthropist.
Bobst was born in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He aspired to become a doctor, but instead, he taught himself pharmacology. After his wife Ethel composed his interview letter, he became manager and treasurer of the Hoffman-LaRoche Chemical Works by 1920. When Bobst retired from the company in 1944, he was one of the nation's highest paid corporate executives. In 1945 he took charge of the ailing William Warner Company (later Warner–Lambert) and he remained board chairman until his retirement.
Bobst had close connections to President Dwight Eisenhower, but was also a close friend of President Richard Nixon.
Note: In 1940, the year of this watercolor, Dehn and Elizabeth Timmerman visited Waterville, MN on their way to Colorado Sprint, Colorado where Dehn was to teach lithography and watercolor. This watercolor is obviously a view of the area around Waterville.

Provenance Mamdouha and Elmer Holmes Bobst

Displayed in an original wormy chestnut frame, most probably from the AAA Dehn watercolor exhibition of 1940.

Image: 14 1/2 x 21”
Frame: 25” x 31”